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Zeutec – NIR Infrarojo cercano

enero 11, 2011

Hace años Zeutec fabrica y comercializa analizadores de infrarojo cercano (NIR) para todo tipo de productos, desde vino, hasta granos y oliva. Aceites, mostos, harinas, todas pueden ser analizadas en muy numerosas propiedades organicas en forma rapida, limpia y economica.

Aqui las ultimas novedades de Zeutec :

 October 2010              
SpectraAlyzer premium TopWindowThe SpectraAlyzer premium Top Window Rotating is the ideal solution for flour and any kind of fine or coarse powdered samples. Based on the same reliable optical NIR technology developed for the SpectraAlyzer basic and premium instruments, the Top Window version is more flexible in accepting different samples. The optical sample interface is located on top of the instrument making the sample presentation an easy task – even allowing presentation of unpacked material which can be placed in a glass cup on top of the optical window. During the analysis the glass cup automatically rotates to further improve the performance of the analysis by averaging multiple sample views.

Further information on the SpectraAlyzer TopWindow



Application worx version 2.0With the ZEUTEC Application worx software the user can expand the existing calibrations and create new calibration models. An innovative Calibration Wizard and simple to understand workflow allows even unskilled users to adjust existing and create new calibration models. The ZEUTEC Application worx package uses MLR and highly optimized PLS statistic algorithms. • Complete redesign of the calibration wizard • PLS calibration model • Full cross validation for MLR and PLS calibration models • Full-blown word processor to document applications, batches, etc. • Overall enhanced performance

Further information on the Application worx software



SpectraAlyzer Olive evaluation at CCIAA Florence, Italy successfulDuring a comprehensive study in regards to the technological ripening index for olive oil fruit the SpectraAlyzer was successfully used as fast analytical tool to determine oil, moisture, sugar and phenol content in olives prior to processing. LINK

Further information on the SpectraAlyzer Olive



SpectraAlyzer wine basic and proThe new SpectraAlyzer wine basic is introduced as a reasonably priced entry model for the fast and accurate determination of ethanol, density, reducing sugars, total acidity and pH in wine and must. For more comprehensive analysis, also in fermenting must, the SpectraAlyzer wine pro is the best choice.

Further information on the SpectraAlyzer wine basic and pro



NEW whole grain analyzer “SpectraAlyzer grain” launchedFrom Januar 2011 the all new SpectraAlyzer whole grain analyzer for the analysis of grains, cereals, oil seeds and feed products is available. Preinstalled calibrations and its modern design paired with an innovative user interface make it the ideal tool for quick quality determination. Web browser based supervision allows the calibration monitoring and maintenance of each SpectraAlyzer grain from anywhere in the world.  


ZEUTEC forms cooperation for grain and flour applications with BRABENDER GmbH & Co. KGAfter a comprehensive evaluation of our NIR spectrometer systems by BRABENDER Duisburg, ZEUTEC is proud to supply OEM instruments for flour and whole grain analysis to BRABENDER. Besides instruments based on our proven SpectraAlyzer platform, BRABENDER has also chosen ZEUTEC’s newly developed full scanning whole grain analyser for global grain applications.

Further information on the Brabender Kernelyzer-F


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